Some Facts About Vaping

facts about vaping

Vaping has been on the rise in popularity lately. But some people may not have even understood that sentence. "What is vaping?" they ask. Vaping is a practice that is rising in popularity as an alternative form of nicotine consumption. It works by heating a liquid(often referred to as e juice or e liquid) to the point that it vaporizes, rather than burns. This vapor is then inhaled. The liquid contains essential oils(flavoring), propylene glycol, the primary ingredient in asthma inhalers, organic vegetable glycerin, and usually a quantity of nicotine Many studies have proven that vaping is dramatically less harmful than smoking, and some governments have even actually recommended it as a smoking cessation tool.

With this understanding of what vaping is, let's cover some important facts about it.

  • The liquids that are vaped come in a variety of different nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg nicotine, all the way up to the super high strength of 36mg, with most vapers who use nicotine in the 3mg - 12 mg range.
  • Devices can range anywhere from just a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars for the top models. As a result there is a wide range of options to choose from, letting each user customize their vaping experience.
  • Ejuice flavors come in a wide variety of flavor options, from things like basic fruit flavors all the way to complicated flavor arrangements that replicate things like whiskey or flavor arrangements involving oatmeal and spices. This offers consumers a range of choices not available in traditional nicotine products.
  • Vaping does not produce smoke, instead it produces an aerosol or "vapor" which does not smell strongly, nor does it stick to hair, clothes, or furniture. Because of these qualities, many vapers find that they enjoy the reduced presence of smokey odor compared to cigarette smoking.
  • Vaping experiences a higher rate of success in helping people to quit smoking than traditional nicotine replacement therapies. This claim his becoming more broadly accepting, even being reported in publications like Time magazine and Business Week. Even for those not intending to quit, other studies have found that vaping decreases the rate of cigarette consumption dramatically.

There are many more facts to learn about vaping. However, as you can see from these examples, a lot of what people may have heard, if they have even heard anything at all, is untrue. Make sure to know your facts, and be sure to keep exploring the world of vaping.

Happy Birthday America, from

July 4th in America is one of the best holidays of the year - especially this year, since it’s the culmination of an epic three day weekend. As a vaper, you should get ready for some stellar outdoor vaping sessions in the warm sun. Sit outside with a nice cold beer in one hand and your vape in the other, relaxing with your friends. Perhaps start up the grill, and enjoy some tasty hamburgers or chicken alongside your vape juice.

Vaping and the Fourth of July go together hand-in-hand, both realistically and metaphorically. As most of us know, the Fourth of July signifies the day that our Declaration of Independence was signed into law. This adoption of the Declaration on July 4th, 1776, meant that the thirteen existing American colonies now were recognized as a brand new nation. Now, the Fourth of July is recognized throughout the country as an official holiday. Marked by patriotic displays like prominent flag displays, decorations, parades, fireworks, and the traditional 13-gun salute for the 13 colonies, it’s hard to miss the celebrations. Somewhat surprisingly, the vaping scene has quite a few symbolic parallels to the Fourth of July.

One such parallel is that of the sense of freedom. Vaping, as a hobby, is still considered much of an outsider’s hobby to the vast majority of Americans. Most people still consider it a form of traditional smoking, and will probably look down upon and judge those who do vape. However, by bringing your vaping into the public eye by vaping prominently on the Fourth of July, it’s almost as if you are having your own display of freedom. Because the Fourth i about celebrating America’s independence from the British Empire, you can celebrate your vaping independence from the ideals of those who judge you. In a similar vein, there is symbolism in that freedom for traditional smokers who have converted to vaping. As America did willingly split from the British Empire, so did the vapers who willingly split from traditional smoking to pursue a healthier hobby. Vape proudly to show your independence from a much more harmful habit.

You cannot miss the symbolism in the 13-gun salute. Thirteen guns are fired at an angle into the air, marking the 13 colonies that made the grand decision to create the United States of America. Something else that is fired into the air around America are the omnipresent firework displays. Some historians think that fireworks are used now to emulate that 13-gun salute, in fact. Much like these dazzling displays shot into the air, your vapor clouds can be considered another salute to the independence of the country. The huge clouds can be shot up into the air, and whirling bits of vapor will gently fall or get whisked into the sky.

If you’re vaping on July 4th, don’t just make it another regular vaping session. Take a moment to reflect on the history of our country, and to think of the parallels of your vaping to the celebrations held around the country. From fireworks and salutes to an overarching sense of freedom, your vaping cements you as a true American.
God Bless,
VapeOn.Tv Team