Vape Liquid and Flavoring

vape liquid and flavoring options

Vaping is made even more interesting by the wide variety of e cig flavors for you to choose from. E-liquid, also referred to as ejuice, contains glycerine, nicotine, a flavor and propylene glycol. E liquid makers have different ideas and that is why there are hundreds or thousands of  for you to enjoy. If you are a frequent or new e cigarette user interested in a new flavor, here are some flavors you can consider.


If you like fruits then there are e cigarettes designed for people like you. No matter what fruit you like, chances are very high that you will get that flavor for your e ciggy. Ask your supplier about the fruit flavored e cigs available before purchasing to ensure you find the flavor that you are looking for. Apart from the plain fruit flavors, there are many other combinations that you can consider, such as shipwreck, swamp frog or fruit smoothie. Fruit dessert flavors such as apple pie or chocolate covered strawberry are there for you to enjoy.


Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, dessert flavors can change your smoking experience. Currently there are countless options for to give a try. Have a thought about your favorite dessert. Let your imagination run wild. Are you into fudge brownies, lemon meringue pie, sugar cookies, vanilla bean ice cream or yellow cake? Do you love red velvet cake, white chocolate, English toffee, butterscotch, cheese cake, Belgian waffles or graham crackers? When deciding which flavor to try, you can consider your favorite candy bars. Flavors similar to Snickers, Almond Joys, gummy bears, candy canes, red hots, Resse’s and more are easily found online. Some of these flavors can’t be distinguished from their real life counterparts.


If you like the menthol and nicotine rush this is the ideal e ciggy flavor. Menthol e-liquids will give just that and nothing more or less. It is possible for you to add more menthol in your e-liquid and you can even combine it with mint. You are not left out if you are a big fun of menthol flavored e-ciggys. Most companies are into manufacturing them. 


There are several flavors you can choose from. Imagine an e-cigarette that tastes like your favorite alcoholic beverage. Some of the flavors that are quite popular with e-cigarette smokers include brandy, champagne, amaretto, rum, mojito etc. Flavors like cappuccino or coffee, root beer, cream soda, egg nog, or cola. You can also mix the flavors depending on the brands that you like. For instance, you can try a strawberry flavoring. Then, include raspberry or lemonade concoction. For your e-cig enjoyment try creating your own cocktail of flavors.

Finding the best ejuice

If you are unable to find the next e-liquid flavor for you to try out, don’t worry. There are many websites that have very helpful product reviews. They also showcase testimonials from present and past clients. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the brands you should consider trying. Like the online store that deal in tobacco products, tobacco shops also have a wide range of e-liquids for vaping. You can find these shops in malls, airports etc. Once you find a reputable e-liquid supplier, it us now up to you to find the e-liquid that satisfies your taste. If you like using vapes don’t shy away from trying out different e- liquids until you find the flavor you think is ideal. Depending on your personal tastes or preferred brands, be sure you will find a flavor that you will enjoy tasting while using your personal vaporizer.  Prior to heating up your e-cig to try out your latest flavor, ensure that you are in an area where e-cig smoking is not prohibited. In most public places, an e-ciggy is put under the same category as a normal cigarette. This includes lounges and bars that accepted smoking before. They can’t be used within some premises. This is because of the many dangers of second hand smoke. It is becoming harder to find places you can smoke in public. Abide by the laws and regulations that are concerned with the use of e-cigs if you want to enjoy your latest flavor. The experimentation never ends for most vapers.